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September 5, 2018  

In this episode..better late then never.. we give you part two of the newest Teddy and the Bassman/Lucky 10,000 crossover where we discuss the most famous unsolved mystery in this season..  the ever fascinating and iconic, Jack The Ripper. Trevor, being a former homicide detective in Scotland Yard, has always had a fascination with The Ripper, and Teddy, being an anglophile, has plenty of research under her belt as well. Evan pretty much just wants to sound smart. We go through what White Chapel was like, we talk the canonical five and delve a little into some non-canonical, and talk our fave suspects and we get into our favorite media involving Saucy Jack. 


Read about the person who coined the term "Serial Killer" here


Check out Teddy and the Bassman here

After one hell of a winter break we return with a new... intro to the episode featuring old clips!!!!! THEN our listeners are treated to a new...... outtro talking about all the old clips we just listened to!!! WHAT????


Seriously, as a send off to Carissa, we decided to cobble together some of our favorite moments of her over the 44 episodes we recorded with her and start with a clean slate with the new format of the show!!! So please enjoy these clips of Carissa being the Carissa we all love and Evan being....well..... near her. At times uncomfortably so. Good bye Carissa, you made us all lucky!!!!!!


Track List:

Fr Ep 41 Getting to Know You
Fr Ep 2 Gaming: "Carissa Hates EA"
Fr Ep 6 E3: "Carissa still hates EA"
Fr Ep 15 Nerd Rage Trolls: "Carissas Girl on the Net Rant"
Fr Ep 16 Phobias: "carissa and the Bee"
Fr Ep 32 Shit Sharks Do: "Deep Blue Steaming Pile of Crap feat/K"
Fr Ep 10 MCU:  "Shut the F*ck up Racism"
Fr Ep 18 Superstitions: "Aboriginal Sneeze Blessing"
Fr Ep 24 Star Wars Nerd Rage: "Star Wars Quiz"
Fr Ep 21 Nostalgia: "Carissas Dangercrush"
Fr Ep 37  Theatre:  ."Mishaps"
Fr Ep 40 Very Special AND 42 Wise and Otherwise: "Wise and Otherwise the Game and Text Game Feat. Teddyand the Bassman"