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June 24, 2020  

This week, we do another special episode with Kristofer Parker, local singer,dancer and actor. Kristofer started a panel of POC artists to discuss race and theatre on zoom and now he joins us to talk about his life, his experiences and how we can continue forward in the artistic community and the community as a whole. 


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June 7, 2020  

This is a special non-seasonal Episode where Comedian/Actor/Improvisor/Podcaster Jason Farr graciously takes time out of his schedule to talk to Evan about The BLM movement and why it's important, the protests and his own experiences growing up as a minority in America.


Please check out his other podcast There It Is here...


Also here is a link to the Fashion Magazine Article about resources, books and movies on the movement and racism in general...

In this special episode, Evan talks with longtime friend and new fellow podcaster Jennifer Connor about ehr podcast Life Like A Boss (At the time of this recording it was known as Divorced Like a Boss). We talk how she got into life coaching, how she learned to overcome her own trials to help others and how she decided to corral all that into her podcast!


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In this second special in between seasons episode, we correspond perfectly with the release of Teddy Rayes' second audiobook.. The Chine (out today!). Evan interviews Teddy and Trev about the writing process, her history with it, where she started out and even get into kink and BDSM before she turns the tables (at Evans request) and interviews him about narrating..guess which section is more interesting..hint...the one about writing. 


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September 5, 2019  

Surprise!! We are back!


Welcome to our first In-Betweener!! Yes, because we do seasonal one subject episodes now, Evan realzied he missed doing on offs and just talking to/about things he wanted to talk about so he ( decided to talk to some folks about anything and maybe you will still learn something. In this first In-Betweener, I talk to Chris and Tina from The Nerdbliss Podcast about a show we all love, The Orville. We give general feelings about the twop seasons so far, then break it down ep by ep along with some derails..of course..and shenanigans. Enjoy!!

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July 31, 2019  

In the Baddass Women From History Season Finale, Evan talks with friend and mega-talented actress/singer songwriter Tiffany Nave about her muse..Janis Joplin. We talk about how Tiff has had the opportunity to portray her onstage and then we get into the life, the love, the struggle, the redemption and the untimely passing of one of the biggest legends in music history. We also talk about how her short career (3 years) has influenced generations of music and musicians.


Thank you everyone who participated in ANY way this season. Ty to the guests, the bands and anyone who has taken the time to check us out. Email us luckytenthousand@gmail and as always...


We hope you got lucky this season.



July 24, 2019  

In the penultimate season 4 episode, we speak with local Actress/Singer and all around fun person DeAna Earl about someone who was a massive influence in her life and theatrical career: Judy Garland. We talk her life, her troubles, her talent, her influence and her untimely passing. If you think you know about Judy Garland, listen to this episode. If you know nothing about the Legend that she was, listen to this episode. If you love theatre, listen to this episode. Or if you just like learning something about anything..listen to this episode.


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July 17, 2019  

In this episode, we first ask you vote for our sister podcast, The Bearded Ones in The People's Choice Podcast Awards in People's Choice, Comedy, Entertainment and TV/FILM and us in Education, go to to register and vote! This week, returning guest Lindsey Lustig talks about her inspiration, Dame Angela Lansbury. We talk her life, her work and how she has influenced Lindsey with her talent and beautiful soul. 


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Also,check out this weeks music spotlight, Raphumets Well here

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This week we talk with Michelle Shara and Brandon Hilton from Queens to the Rescue! Queens to the Rescue is an association that helps animals with drag queens....what is more badass than that! Brandon is also a Drag Queen and works in fashion via House of Mann. We talk their pasts, what led them to activism and advocacy, Drag Queen story time and a bunch of other great stuff.


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June 19, 2019  

This week, Evan and this weeks co-host Jason Underwood (From The Bearded Ones Comedy Podcast) discuss the brave, legendary Harriet Tubman. Known as the fierce, strong and dauntless woman who saved hundreds from the shackles of slavery via the Underground Railroad, we learn a little bit more about her and will too!!


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