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August 22, 2018  

We are back!!! In the third season premiere, Evan and Emily tackle the first in the unsolved mystery season and talk Amelia Earhart! We discuss her life, her love, her passion for aviation, how ahead of her time she was and, of course, her dissapearance. It's a fascinating story and we both learned so much! Unfortunatly, this is also goodbye (for now) to Emily who has headed out west. Help us give her a fond fairwell and help us celebrate the life and mystery of an extraordinary person. Also.... something happens in this episode that has never happened on an episode before... and it's loud. 


Good "Lucky" Emily!!!



After one hell of a winter break we return with a new... intro to the episode featuring old clips!!!!! THEN our listeners are treated to a new...... outtro talking about all the old clips we just listened to!!! WHAT????


Seriously, as a send off to Carissa, we decided to cobble together some of our favorite moments of her over the 44 episodes we recorded with her and start with a clean slate with the new format of the show!!! So please enjoy these clips of Carissa being the Carissa we all love and Evan being....well..... near her. At times uncomfortably so. Good bye Carissa, you made us all lucky!!!!!!


Track List:

Fr Ep 41 Getting to Know You
Fr Ep 2 Gaming: "Carissa Hates EA"
Fr Ep 6 E3: "Carissa still hates EA"
Fr Ep 15 Nerd Rage Trolls: "Carissas Girl on the Net Rant"
Fr Ep 16 Phobias: "carissa and the Bee"
Fr Ep 32 Shit Sharks Do: "Deep Blue Steaming Pile of Crap feat/K"
Fr Ep 10 MCU:  "Shut the F*ck up Racism"
Fr Ep 18 Superstitions: "Aboriginal Sneeze Blessing"
Fr Ep 24 Star Wars Nerd Rage: "Star Wars Quiz"
Fr Ep 21 Nostalgia: "Carissas Dangercrush"
Fr Ep 37  Theatre:  ."Mishaps"
Fr Ep 40 Very Special AND 42 Wise and Otherwise: "Wise and Otherwise the Game and Text Game Feat. Teddyand the Bassman"

July 1, 2015  

Carissa and Evan get deep into gaming by exploring what the hell the deal is with youtube game-screamers, DOTA 2, ICEFROG, World of Warcraft and on and on. Then we cover Carissa's hatred for EA, love for Zelda Ocarina of Time, and go platform by platform and discuss the best games for each. Then we talk about sandbox gaming, PC gaming and close with the Top Ten Biggest Video Game company fails in gaming history.

If you love gaming, you'll love this episode.
Hope you got lucky tonight!!
Night nerds!!!