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August 29, 2018  

In 1959, 9 Russian Hikers went up a mountain and never returned. Their bodies were found, but that just adds to the mystery. With the help of Carter Allen, we get into the specifics of who, what, when and why and uncover a boatload of information but no real solution...or do we? Join us in this lesser known, but no less fascinating mystery as we explore... The Mystery of Dyatlov Pass.




In our swan song for Halloween, we talk about the mysterious and unexplained phenomena that have happened to us personally.  Though we are both rationally skeptical, critically incredulous people with relatively 'normal', unspooky lives, even we have had things happen to us which defy explanation.  This week we get into the slightly weird - and sometimes creepy - inscrutable events in our lives which mystify us to this day.  

Despite the curious glimpses into the unknown we (and others) have experienced, chances are better than good that almost all the things we've encountered are simply some manifestation of our brains' perplexing inner workings.  Because everyone's brain's a dick.  

Share with us your mysteries of the unknown!  We want to know what strange and spooky stuff your asshole brain has conjured up for you!