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October 3, 2018  

In January 1947, a young,beautiful actress was found brutally murdered in California. Her body was dismembered, drained of her blood and a grin was carved into her face. She was nicknamed in the press as The Black Dahlia, but Elizabeth Short was a real person and her murder was never solved. Join Evan and guest, local actor Tiffany Stewart, as they go through the details of the case, Elizabeth Shorts life leading up to the tragedy and, obviously, the suspects.


See the website Tiff got alot of her info from here



This is it!!! This is the season finale of our epic season on astrophysics. Thank you every one who supported us, messaged us, had questions or just took the time to listen and we can't wait for you to see what we do next season. For now though, why not take on the biggest question in the biggest episode... Is There a God??? Can science prove/disprove it?? We tackle what may be the biggest question ever and use what we've learned this season to debate. This may be controversial... 


and we hope you got lucky tonight!


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February 21, 2018  

This time Evan and Emily go deep into the mystery of blakc holes... what are they? How do we know they're there? Who disocvoered them? What happens if you fall into one? Did Homer permanently leave his own universe? Is the Treehouse of Horror cannon???


Plus because this is a shorter than normal episode, Evan added some fun stuff, namely some outtakes of us trying to record promos for the other shows on our network...check them out here


AND the return of something he did a couple of times on his other podcast, The Bearded Ones, but felt like it would play better excerpt from Emperor Palatines Diary!!


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