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In this second special in between seasons episode, we correspond perfectly with the release of Teddy Rayes' second audiobook.. The Chine (out today!). Evan interviews Teddy and Trev about the writing process, her history with it, where she started out and even get into kink and BDSM before she turns the tables (at Evans request) and interviews him about narrating..guess which section is more interesting..hint...the one about writing. 


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And as always..we hope you got lucky tonight!

September 5, 2019  

Surprise!! We are back!


Welcome to our first In-Betweener!! Yes, because we do seasonal one subject episodes now, Evan realzied he missed doing on offs and just talking to/about things he wanted to talk about so he ( decided to talk to some folks about anything and maybe you will still learn something. In this first In-Betweener, I talk to Chris and Tina from The Nerdbliss Podcast about a show we all love, The Orville. We give general feelings about the twop seasons so far, then break it down ep by ep along with some derails..of course..and shenanigans. Enjoy!!

Check The Nerdlbiss Podcast here...


And as always..I hope you got lucky tonight!


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