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July 31, 2019  

In the Baddass Women From History Season Finale, Evan talks with friend and mega-talented actress/singer songwriter Tiffany Nave about her muse..Janis Joplin. We talk about how Tiff has had the opportunity to portray her onstage and then we get into the life, the love, the struggle, the redemption and the untimely passing of one of the biggest legends in music history. We also talk about how her short career (3 years) has influenced generations of music and musicians.


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July 24, 2019  

In the penultimate season 4 episode, we speak with local Actress/Singer and all around fun person DeAna Earl about someone who was a massive influence in her life and theatrical career: Judy Garland. We talk her life, her troubles, her talent, her influence and her untimely passing. If you think you know about Judy Garland, listen to this episode. If you know nothing about the Legend that she was, listen to this episode. If you love theatre, listen to this episode. Or if you just like learning something about anything..listen to this episode.


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July 17, 2019  

In this episode, we first ask you vote for our sister podcast, The Bearded Ones in The People's Choice Podcast Awards in People's Choice, Comedy, Entertainment and TV/FILM and us in Education, go to to register and vote! This week, returning guest Lindsey Lustig talks about her inspiration, Dame Angela Lansbury. We talk her life, her work and how she has influenced Lindsey with her talent and beautiful soul. 


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Also,check out this weeks music spotlight, Raphumets Well here

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