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This week we talk with Michelle Shara and Brandon Hilton from Queens to the Rescue! Queens to the Rescue is an association that helps animals with drag queens....what is more badass than that! Brandon is also a Drag Queen and works in fashion via House of Mann. We talk their pasts, what led them to activism and advocacy, Drag Queen story time and a bunch of other great stuff.


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June 19, 2019  

This week, Evan and this weeks co-host Jason Underwood (From The Bearded Ones Comedy Podcast) discuss the brave, legendary Harriet Tubman. Known as the fierce, strong and dauntless woman who saved hundreds from the shackles of slavery via the Underground Railroad, we learn a little bit more about her and will too!!


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June 12, 2019  

In this episode, after a brief return to season 2 (W season 2 co-host Emily Grove) to talk about Black Holes, we talk about the first Transgender Model, Tracey Norman. Miss Norman made a name for herself as a professional model before anyone realized she was transgender. Help us celebrate Pride month with this inspiring, brave and gorgeous woman!


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Where we discuss the life and poetry of the first African American female published poet, Phyllis Wheatley. Her prose is gorgeous, her life is conflict in art defined. With guest Brian Reeder, we also get into one of the most frank discussions of race ever in the history of the show. Miss Wheatley was a poet while still a slave, and her work always seemed to be grateful for the life that she lived. This contradiction makes her fascinating and important, if a little difficult to wrap our minds around.. but we try.


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