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We have our sister podcast on this week, the ever lovely Teddy and the Bassman to talk the life and death of one of the most influential monarchs in history, Queen Elizabeth I. Bassman being from England and Teddy being anglophile, they do come prepared! 


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May 8, 2019  

We sit down with our first interview not about someone else, but we meet a badass woman from current history herself..Darby Wilcox. Darby has been a fixture in the Greenville music scene for years and along with being an excellent singer/songwriter, she is just a really cool person. We talk the local scene, her past and how growing up in church life influenced her and how far we have come and how much farther we can go.


Her song "Only Me" is the intro/outtro and stay for the end to hear the whole thing unedited.


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And as always..we hope you got lucky tonight!


May 1, 2019  

Welcome to the Season Premiere of Season 4: Baddass Women From History!! This episode we talk with Carissa, former co-host of season 1! She teaches Evan (and hopefully you) about Ching Shih.. A pirate lord. We learn about her life before piracy, her reputation as a feared pirate and the end of her career/life..did it happen at the same time? Did she go out in a blaze of glory?? Listen to find out!!


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