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September 26, 2018  

Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most famous and influential artists in history. Edgar Allan Poe is a legendary and also extremly influential horror novelist, both have fascinating lives touched by tragedy, mental illness and death. They also have another thing in common... both their deaths occurred under mysterious circumstances. Help Evan and this weeks guest...Claire Clauson..fellow actor and MASSIVE Van Gogh fan... investigate the eerie facts pertaining to both!

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On Nov 24,1971, a man boarded a plane with a suitcase, a nice suit and sunglasses, ordered drinks, lit a cigarette and before the night was over, made off with hundreds of thousands of dollars and became forever infamous for pulling one of the most well known unsolved crimes in modern times. DB Cooper, as he was named, has never been found and his identity remains a mystery. With special guest, local actor Brian Reeder, Evan tries to unpack the facts, the conjecture and the suspects pertaining to the biggest unsolved arial heist in history. As in all other episodes, we start with the facts, then move on to theories and finally, suspects. Who was it? Where did he go? Did he even survive? We don't know... but it was sure fun to talk about!


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September 12, 2018  

In 1948, the ship known as The Ourang Medan was found after other ships received a strange and creepy ditress signal. Upon locating and boarding the ship, the bodies of all twelve crew (Plus their dog), were found dead. What Happened? Freak Accident? Military Weapon? Join Evan and his friend Lindsey Lustig as they dig into all that information.. and a few interesting theories... about what happened to the ghost ship, The Ourang Medan.


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September 5, 2018  

In this episode..better late then never.. we give you part two of the newest Teddy and the Bassman/Lucky 10,000 crossover where we discuss the most famous unsolved mystery in this season..  the ever fascinating and iconic, Jack The Ripper. Trevor, being a former homicide detective in Scotland Yard, has always had a fascination with The Ripper, and Teddy, being an anglophile, has plenty of research under her belt as well. Evan pretty much just wants to sound smart. We go through what White Chapel was like, we talk the canonical five and delve a little into some non-canonical, and talk our fave suspects and we get into our favorite media involving Saucy Jack. 


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