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August 29, 2018  

In 1959, 9 Russian Hikers went up a mountain and never returned. Their bodies were found, but that just adds to the mystery. With the help of Carter Allen, we get into the specifics of who, what, when and why and uncover a boatload of information but no real solution...or do we? Join us in this lesser known, but no less fascinating mystery as we explore... The Mystery of Dyatlov Pass.




August 22, 2018  

We are back!!! In the third season premiere, Evan and Emily tackle the first in the unsolved mystery season and talk Amelia Earhart! We discuss her life, her love, her passion for aviation, how ahead of her time she was and, of course, her dissapearance. It's a fascinating story and we both learned so much! Unfortunatly, this is also goodbye (for now) to Emily who has headed out west. Help us give her a fond fairwell and help us celebrate the life and mystery of an extraordinary person. Also.... something happens in this episode that has never happened on an episode before... and it's loud. 


Good "Lucky" Emily!!!




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