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This is it!!! This is the season finale of our epic season on astrophysics. Thank you every one who supported us, messaged us, had questions or just took the time to listen and we can't wait for you to see what we do next season. For now though, why not take on the biggest question in the biggest episode... Is There a God??? Can science prove/disprove it?? We tackle what may be the biggest question ever and use what we've learned this season to debate. This may be controversial... 


and we hope you got lucky tonight!


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April 4, 2018  

We keep going with part 2 of our episode on extraterrestrials. We get some more science on what could be out there, where it/they could be, what is the chance otherwordly life is intelligent and whether or not its ALREADY HERE....BWAA BAAA BBAAAAAAA. Evan then gets into his favorite good (and bad) examples of aliens in pop culture and makes a discovery about how we view what could be the difference between intelligent peaceful fictional aliens and not so peaceful. Also, Emily....stop talking about how much you love E.T.


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