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March 28, 2018  

In this first of two episodes, we talk aliens!! Yes, I know, technically we have done that before, but this time we take a hard science approach...well, ok Emily takes a hard science approach, Evan rambles about movies, but its fun....probably...we hope :) !! 


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March 21, 2018  

In this episode, we explore the fascinating topic of dark matter/energy. We start with it's origins, then proceed to what it might be, what we think it is, what we know for sure it isn't AND how do we find proof that it even exists?? THis plus alot of (hopefully) fun tangents, a dash of barely related pop culture and all the charm you have come to expect from us so far. Shout out to honest to god astrophysicist Sarah Leckman for her help. 


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March 15, 2018  

This episode was recorded before tragic news of today about Stephen Hawking.. he will be missed. 


On this episode, we discuss cosmic rays, strings and go off on a couple of (hopefully) entertaining tangents. We discover what happens when your supernova goes pop... Bam Bam BaaDaa Daa... and we discover how they might actually connect to not only the origins of the universe, but string theory as well!!!


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March 7, 2018  

The EPIC conclusion to our two part Time Travel/ Wormhole episodes!! This time we barely talk about wormholes, but it's in there.... we do even squeeze some more science in, but mostly Evan talks pop culture and teaches Emily about some of his favorite time travel movies and learns that Emily knows more pop culture than we thought!! So come back geeks!!

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