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Holy crap, you guys, we made it to Episode 10!  We're throwing ourselves a party and of course you are invited!

For the Big One-Oh, we get into some serious nerd love for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Yes, we know, "everyone" loves the MCU, and we are no exception.  There are, however - as surprising as it seems - ten thousand people who don't know and love it already.  Maybe you happen to be one of them.  We won't judge, we just want to share how awesome we think the MCU is - not just the movies, but the full scope of the vast multimedia empire Marvel has been able to successfully build.

Please join us for our loving ode to one of the greatest filmographic undertakings of all time.

August 19, 2015  

It's back to school this week, and we join in with a primer on internet jargon.  Covering the sites you need to know to get started, the sites you need to know to avoid, and the slang which peppers dialogue across the web, consider this Internet 101.  Carissa teaches Evan the very basics to some small degree of success.

Do you feel more like an internet tourist than a native?  Here is your "dónde está la biblioteca" course.  Are you an old-school 'netizen' (ugh) who speaks 'net like a milk tongue?  Take a listen as a refresher, or just enjoy hearing someone else learn the language.  More than any other so far, this show exemplifies what the Lucky Ten Thousand is all about: we don't judge or condemn you for not knowing; we just want to share.

Class is now in session!

Evan spews his bile about "the worst thing to happen in the history of mankind": the 30th anniversary 'remake' of the Romero classic, Night of the Living Dead.  We help keep horror fans from being tricked into watching this travesty - if you haven't already been subjected to it, that is.  Just like last time, spoilers.  And again, you're welcome.


Personal note from Carissa: Congratulations to Evil Geniuses on their International 5 victory! NADota best Dota.  #BleedBlue

We go disturbing and creepy this week as Evan and Carissa explore the enduring fascination with serial killers.  Ranging from well-known Jack the Ripper to surprisingly obscure Elizabeth Bathory with several stops in between, we discuss the deeds (and misdeeds) of some of history's most notorious murderers.  Why are people so captivated by the dark and horrible exploits of our most broken fellows?  What makes an unsolvable crime so enthralling?  Myths and legends surrounding killers of old still spark interest in our modern minds, and Evan digs deep into these mysteries to puzzle out why.

Even just yesterday, HuffPo published an article about an author trying to uncover facts about Jack the Ripper, furthering proof that our collective curiosity never fades.


Final reminder! The Dota2 International 5 finals are this Saturday, August 8, at 1pm PDT (3pm EDT).  Even if you can't watch the quarter- and semi-finals this week, be sure to catch the conclusion of the largest esports tournament in history this weekend! has the details and the real-time streams for all the games being played as competitors fight for their piece of the now $18+ million prize pool.


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