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2015 is coming to a close and so, as we approach the beginning of the year when those born at the turn of the millennium will be driving cars, Evan and Carissa take a look back - as many others are doing - at the halfway point of the Twenty-Teens.

The best (and a couple of the worst) in science, tech, medicine, movies, tv, and games of the year all get a nod.  Then we take a look forward to hope for the best to come in the approaching year.  We know everyone is doing a year-in-review, but naturally we think ours is the best.

Have a safe and happy New Year's Eve celebration, everyone, and we'll catch you in a week!


Carissa shares with Evan and you, the listening audience, her passion for table top (and off the table) roleplay gaming. She tells of her secret gaming origins, her passion for D&D, The Dresden Files, Vampire the Masquerade, and how she even ran her own live action role play! If you've ever wondered about table top, this is the episode for you!

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