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March 21, 2018  

In this episode, we explore the fascinating topic of dark matter/energy. We start with it's origins, then proceed to what it might be, what we think it is, what we know for sure it isn't AND how do we find proof that it even exists?? THis plus alot of (hopefully) fun tangents, a dash of barely related pop culture and all the charm you have come to expect from us so far. Shout out to honest to god astrophysicist Sarah Leckman for her help. 


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March 15, 2018  

This episode was recorded before tragic news of today about Stephen Hawking.. he will be missed. 


On this episode, we discuss cosmic rays, strings and go off on a couple of (hopefully) entertaining tangents. We discover what happens when your supernova goes pop... Bam Bam BaaDaa Daa... and we discover how they might actually connect to not only the origins of the universe, but string theory as well!!!


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March 7, 2018  

The EPIC conclusion to our two part Time Travel/ Wormhole episodes!! This time we barely talk about wormholes, but it's in there.... we do even squeeze some more science in, but mostly Evan talks pop culture and teaches Emily about some of his favorite time travel movies and learns that Emily knows more pop culture than we thought!! So come back geeks!!

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February 28, 2018  

In this episode, we stuff it so full we have to drag it out to two episodes! It begins where it ends..... then we have to go back to the beginning...and talk Wormholes and Time Travel!! Emily digs deep into the theoretical science of wormholes while Evan teaches Emily some more pop culture. We then move onto time travel and have..well basically the same thing happen, it's just that this time, Evan brings a little more science and ALOT more Star Trek! Tune in next week for the thrilling conclusion!


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February 21, 2018  

This time Evan and Emily go deep into the mystery of blakc holes... what are they? How do we know they're there? Who disocvoered them? What happens if you fall into one? Did Homer permanently leave his own universe? Is the Treehouse of Horror cannon???


Plus because this is a shorter than normal episode, Evan added some fun stuff, namely some outtakes of us trying to record promos for the other shows on our network...check them out here


AND the return of something he did a couple of times on his other podcast, The Bearded Ones, but felt like it would play better excerpt from Emperor Palatines Diary!!


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February 14, 2018  

In this episode, Evan and Emily take us back.... way back.... ALL the way back to where it all started. Or was there something there before? We talk The Big Bang! We begin with Emily realizing she may have researched the wrong thing, then we talk theory, physical evidence, microwaves, static, religion, everything we can fit into an hour that's big bang related. So buckle up and enjoy!


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February 7, 2018  

Welcome back... or were you already here? Perhaps in another membrane? Today we examine String Theory! Evan and EMily go in deep with discussions of the discovery of the idea of string theory, where it began, who first proposed it, the changes the theory has gone through, the tests used to confirm it and the skeptics that either do not beleive at all or are not yet convinced...we're looking at you Tyson.


We're back! In our first new episode since May 2016, Evan and new co-host Emily use the inaugural episode of their new season format to talk all things parallel universes. Emily takes us through the theories, science and types of possible other universes and Evan takes us on on a journey through the more famous uses of parallel universes in pop culture across all genres including movies, TV, comics and more!

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After one hell of a winter break we return with a new... intro to the episode featuring old clips!!!!! THEN our listeners are treated to a new...... outtro talking about all the old clips we just listened to!!! WHAT????


Seriously, as a send off to Carissa, we decided to cobble together some of our favorite moments of her over the 44 episodes we recorded with her and start with a clean slate with the new format of the show!!! So please enjoy these clips of Carissa being the Carissa we all love and Evan being....well..... near her. At times uncomfortably so. Good bye Carissa, you made us all lucky!!!!!!


Track List:

Fr Ep 41 Getting to Know You
Fr Ep 2 Gaming: "Carissa Hates EA"
Fr Ep 6 E3: "Carissa still hates EA"
Fr Ep 15 Nerd Rage Trolls: "Carissas Girl on the Net Rant"
Fr Ep 16 Phobias: "carissa and the Bee"
Fr Ep 32 Shit Sharks Do: "Deep Blue Steaming Pile of Crap feat/K"
Fr Ep 10 MCU:  "Shut the F*ck up Racism"
Fr Ep 18 Superstitions: "Aboriginal Sneeze Blessing"
Fr Ep 24 Star Wars Nerd Rage: "Star Wars Quiz"
Fr Ep 21 Nostalgia: "Carissas Dangercrush"
Fr Ep 37  Theatre:  ."Mishaps"
Fr Ep 40 Very Special AND 42 Wise and Otherwise: "Wise and Otherwise the Game and Text Game Feat. Teddyand the Bassman"


We've talked about potential extra-terrestrial life, and now we're talking about potential extraordinary terrestrial life. The search for, and study of, mysterious or unknown creatures - or cryptozoology - is our subject of interest this week. We take a generous look at this often-mocked fringe pseudoscience by exploring the known, real animals who were once thought to only be creatures of myth and legend.

And then we make fun of some of the wackier cryptids.  Like these:

Lizard Man of Lee County (2015 picture):

Bigfoot impersonator:

Bonus - Shriek of the Devil Bird of Sri Lanka:

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