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Christmas is nigh, and our hosts take this opportunity to reach into the stocking and pull out all the random goodies they can find. We talk SPOILER-FREE about The Force Awakens, wax cautiously optimistic about the Warcraft movie, rant about the (not-so) casual racism in the prequels, contemplate fun things to do with Harry Potter's wang - er, wand - and have some general silliness with Star Wars Mad Libs.

Big shouts out to the gents at the Wikishuffle podcast and to the nerdcore group 2d6.

We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!


After taking a break to eat - and digest - all their Thanksgiving food, our illustrious heroes return. Carissa takes the reins to gush about her love of nerdcore hip-hop and provides her list of the Ten Nerdcore Artists You Should Listen To (plus three acts which are nerdcore-adjacent). Complete with samples to give you a taste and whet your appetites, she talks about the special place in her heart reserved for the nerd rappers who most appeal to her. Featuring the music of Futuristic Sex Robotz, ZeaLouS1, YT Cracker, Wordburglar, More or Les, Schaffer The Darklord, M.C. Hawking, MC Frontalot, MC Chris, MadHatter, and Beefy, plus additional love for MC Lars, Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew, and Jonathan Coulton. Whether you're an OG groupie or a nerdcore newbie, this one's for you.

Headphone warning: though the levels are basically even, the music may transmit more loudly than just us talking, so don't blow out your eardrums.