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We've talked about potential extra-terrestrial life, and now we're talking about potential extraordinary terrestrial life. The search for, and study of, mysterious or unknown creatures - or cryptozoology - is our subject of interest this week. We take a generous look at this often-mocked fringe pseudoscience by exploring the known, real animals who were once thought to only be creatures of myth and legend.

And then we make fun of some of the wackier cryptids.  Like these:

Lizard Man of Lee County (2015 picture):

Bigfoot impersonator:

Bonus - Shriek of the Devil Bird of Sri Lanka:


We go disturbing and creepy this week as Evan and Carissa explore the enduring fascination with serial killers.  Ranging from well-known Jack the Ripper to surprisingly obscure Elizabeth Bathory with several stops in between, we discuss the deeds (and misdeeds) of some of history's most notorious murderers.  Why are people so captivated by the dark and horrible exploits of our most broken fellows?  What makes an unsolvable crime so enthralling?  Myths and legends surrounding killers of old still spark interest in our modern minds, and Evan digs deep into these mysteries to puzzle out why.

Even just yesterday, HuffPo published an article about an author trying to uncover facts about Jack the Ripper, furthering proof that our collective curiosity never fades.


Final reminder! The Dota2 International 5 finals are this Saturday, August 8, at 1pm PDT (3pm EDT).  Even if you can't watch the quarter- and semi-finals this week, be sure to catch the conclusion of the largest esports tournament in history this weekend! has the details and the real-time streams for all the games being played as competitors fight for their piece of the now $18+ million prize pool.

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