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This is it!!! This is the season finale of our epic season on astrophysics. Thank you every one who supported us, messaged us, had questions or just took the time to listen and we can't wait for you to see what we do next season. For now though, why not take on the biggest question in the biggest episode... Is There a God??? Can science prove/disprove it?? We tackle what may be the biggest question ever and use what we've learned this season to debate. This may be controversial... 


and we hope you got lucky tonight!


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We've talked about potential extra-terrestrial life, and now we're talking about potential extraordinary terrestrial life. The search for, and study of, mysterious or unknown creatures - or cryptozoology - is our subject of interest this week. We take a generous look at this often-mocked fringe pseudoscience by exploring the known, real animals who were once thought to only be creatures of myth and legend.

And then we make fun of some of the wackier cryptids.  Like these:

Lizard Man of Lee County (2015 picture):

Bigfoot impersonator:

Bonus - Shriek of the Devil Bird of Sri Lanka:


Humans are portrayed in most extra-terrestrial science fiction as puny, weak, insignificant, and utterly outclassed by any and all offworld explorers who happen upon them. This week, Carissa and Evan ask: what if humanity isn't a pile of crap but is, instead, terrifying and bewildering to our galactic neighbors? Maybe we are the horror movie villain of ET's nightmares, and we set out to explain why we might not be the primitive hairless apes of most modern science fiction.

Humanity! Fuck yeah!

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