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This week Evan and Carissa solve gender relations!

OK, not really, but we do discuss some of the more prevalent issues between the genders within the overarching geeky communities - most specifically in gaming culture.  While we won't be winning any Peace Prizes for our contribution here, we take a moderate, common sense, humanitarian look at some of the misapprehensions, misunderstandings, and misogyny that plague games and geek ventures in general.  Sparked by a particularly egregious incident at the Dota 2 Shanghai Major tournament, Carissa explains both of the friendzones (and how to get out of them) before tackling a more serious problem.

Remember, you don't need to be a White Knight to be a decent human being. Warning: some offensive language presented.

July 22, 2015  

This is the first of our intermittent series, NERD RAGE!, and to open it, Carissa rants to Evan in great detail about why Equilibrium is the worst movie ever made.  Spoilers.  You're welcome.


But first, a very special message about an event of which every nerd should be aware.  Starting Sunday July 26 and going through Saturday August 8, the largest ever e-sports tournament is being held.  The International DotA2 Championships, series 5, kicks off this weekend with the 16 best teams in the world battling for their shot at a cut of the record-breaking $17 million prize pool.  Carissa is so excited she can barely contain herself, so some of the info given is slightly inaccurate. (Sorry!)

Visit the DotA2 International main page or the DotA2 subreddit for more information, and be sure to tune in online to watch the best of the best compete in the biggest e-sports championship in the world.


Visit F.W. Fife for the blog posts Evan and Carissa were invited to contribute.

July 1, 2015  

Carissa and Evan get deep into gaming by exploring what the hell the deal is with youtube game-screamers, DOTA 2, ICEFROG, World of Warcraft and on and on. Then we cover Carissa's hatred for EA, love for Zelda Ocarina of Time, and go platform by platform and discuss the best games for each. Then we talk about sandbox gaming, PC gaming and close with the Top Ten Biggest Video Game company fails in gaming history.

If you love gaming, you'll love this episode.
Hope you got lucky tonight!!
Night nerds!!!

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