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June 18, 2015  
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Not hot in spite of being a geek, but because of it.

Carissa is a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none sort of nerd.  An OG (original gamer), she discovered her inner geek via the bright green glow of a top of the line 8088, and her house was the first on the block to get a 2400bps Smartmodem.  Starting with a local BBS, her love for and exploration of networked connectivity only grew.  Along the way, Carissa has watched the rise and fall of technology - especially gaming tech - with an active, sometimes obsessive, interest.

She loves - in no particular order - PC gaming, board and card games of all kinds, old school consoles, e-sports (specifically DotA2), judging cosplay, science fiction and fantasy novels, Firefly, stand-up comedy, action movies, the Marvel Universe, RPGs (both digital and analog), pedantry, digital photography, cute animals, sharks, flash games (Nanaka Crash and Crush the Castle, baby!), the Steam Sales, 90s rap/hip-hop, nerdcore, living in the future, and talking endlessly about the most minute and seemingly pointless things. [Note: not an exhaustive list.]  She lettered in Debate and still adores a healthy discussion with intelligent people who disagree with her.  She speaks meme.

Carissa's about me page has gone on far too long already and is starting to embarrass her.  Goodnight, nerds!