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September 19, 2018  

On Nov 24,1971, a man boarded a plane with a suitcase, a nice suit and sunglasses, ordered drinks, lit a cigarette and before the night was over, made off with hundreds of thousands of dollars and became forever infamous for pulling one of the most well known unsolved crimes in modern times. DB Cooper, as he was named, has never been found and his identity remains a mystery. With special guest, local actor Brian Reeder, Evan tries to unpack the facts, the conjecture and the suspects pertaining to the biggest unsolved arial heist in history. As in all other episodes, we start with the facts, then move on to theories and finally, suspects. Who was it? Where did he go? Did he even survive? We don't know... but it was sure fun to talk about!


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October 14, 2015  

This week we go behind the scenes of our favorite holiday to find out where some of our most notable customs got their start.  From Samhain celebrations (and pronunciation) to pumpkin carving, we explore the stories, myths, and meanings behind why we do what we do on All Hallow's Eve.

Spoilers - here's the mask with which K scared all those poor children.

Carissa shares with Evan and you, the listening audience, her passion for table top (and off the table) roleplay gaming. She tells of her secret gaming origins, her passion for D&D, The Dresden Files, Vampire the Masquerade, and how she even ran her own live action role play! If you've ever wondered about table top, this is the episode for you!