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Humans are portrayed in most extra-terrestrial science fiction as puny, weak, insignificant, and utterly outclassed by any and all offworld explorers who happen upon them. This week, Carissa and Evan ask: what if humanity isn't a pile of crap but is, instead, terrifying and bewildering to our galactic neighbors? Maybe we are the horror movie villain of ET's nightmares, and we set out to explain why we might not be the primitive hairless apes of most modern science fiction.

Humanity! Fuck yeah!

September 9, 2015  

If you thought Evan had said all there was to say about zombies in Episodes Four and Eight, you are going to be surprised at this one.  This time, he gets more in depth about the absolute must-have zombie horror flicks for aficianados and new collectors alike.  We hear about the top ten on his list as well as some favorable honorable mentions.

Minor spoilers ahead for some of the best zombie movies ever put on film.

Also, as Carissa mentions later in the episode, visit for all your zombpacolypse needs.


Evan spews his bile about "the worst thing to happen in the history of mankind": the 30th anniversary 'remake' of the Romero classic, Night of the Living Dead.  We help keep horror fans from being tricked into watching this travesty - if you haven't already been subjected to it, that is.  Just like last time, spoilers.  And again, you're welcome.


Personal note from Carissa: Congratulations to Evil Geniuses on their International 5 victory! NADota best Dota.  #BleedBlue


We go disturbing and creepy this week as Evan and Carissa explore the enduring fascination with serial killers.  Ranging from well-known Jack the Ripper to surprisingly obscure Elizabeth Bathory with several stops in between, we discuss the deeds (and misdeeds) of some of history's most notorious murderers.  Why are people so captivated by the dark and horrible exploits of our most broken fellows?  What makes an unsolvable crime so enthralling?  Myths and legends surrounding killers of old still spark interest in our modern minds, and Evan digs deep into these mysteries to puzzle out why.

Even just yesterday, HuffPo published an article about an author trying to uncover facts about Jack the Ripper, furthering proof that our collective curiosity never fades.


Final reminder! The Dota2 International 5 finals are this Saturday, August 8, at 1pm PDT (3pm EDT).  Even if you can't watch the quarter- and semi-finals this week, be sure to catch the conclusion of the largest esports tournament in history this weekend! has the details and the real-time streams for all the games being played as competitors fight for their piece of the now $18+ million prize pool.

July 15, 2015  

It is a dark and stormy night in the L10K studios as Evan shares his passion for all things horror.  He goes through his horror history from Twilight Zone and Hitchcock through American slasher films and the rise of the great Asian horror genre.  Carissa nerds out on why people seek fear through scary movies and surprises herself with how many horror flicks she has seen despite absolutely hating being afraid.

Lots of great suggestions for horror movies if you're just starting out watching, or if you're an old school adrenaline-junky who may have missed one or two classics.

Hope you got lucky tonight!

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